5 Ways to add ‘happy’ to your New Year 2017

While many say “they’re just dates”, New Year does have psychological advantage to start things from fresh, fix all the wrongs, and try to be your best at everything your do.

So regardless how 2016 has treated you, 2017 is going to be great—the best year of your life, in fact. But of course, things won’t turn up just because you think or wish for them. You must commit yourself to bring some positive changes to your life.


Here are 5 ways to prefix ‘happy’ to your New Year—5 things you must commit yourself to do in 2017-

  1. Have the best astrologer in India by your side

Professional life in shambles? Things aren’t working out well in relationships? Life isn’t moving in a direction that you like? Astrology can be your guiding light. Take hands of the best astrologer in Kolkata and find all the answers to unanswered questions and fix all the wrongs.

  1. Talk only when it’s necessary; avoid blabbering

Talking unnecessarily does not only make you look stupid but also peaks your emotions. Caring about how people have perceived what you have said, getting misunderstood—these are all too much to handle. So speak less in 2017; talk only when necessary. Learn to listen.

  1. Spend more time in reading

Reading is highly underrated. It helps more than people perceive—known only to people who likes it. Ever wondered why successful people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson reads so much, and also recommend it to others? Exactly!

  1. Learn to move on from people and situations

Knowing how to move on from people and situations is the greatest asset you can have. So don’t get used to things and people. Let go of things that are dragging you down and making you feel bad. Get rid of everything unnecessary in your life.

  1. Be brave to spend time alone

Knowing how to live alone is something that will take you a long way. You can’t control who will be with you, but you sure can steer who you will be with. So make loneliness your best companion. Know how to spend time – alone, happily – just you and your beautiful thoughts.

These are 5 things you must do to add happiness to your new year. Sure things didn’t turn well in 2016.  But believe it, 2017 will be EPIC for you in every way.


Author: bestastrologerinkolkatasohinisastry

Sohini Sastry, one of the Best astrologer in kolkata, India. For any services contact at http://www.astrologykolkata.com/

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