The Star Signs Best Compatible with the Zodiac Lions!

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The fifth zodiac sign on the astrological charts, Leo is characterised by some staggering qualities. From being warm-hearted to being overtly arrogant, the Leos are a best representation of the opposite qualities. The lions of the zodiac signs are truly great in nature. They have an action driven nature and feed on praise. Though a true Leo loves to be in the limelight, they can be pretty generous and large at heart.

Since, they are like the undeniable force on the astrological charts; it is pretty difficult to find their perfect match. While some are right a match in heaven, others have the potential to raise hell. So who0 should the king date? Or who is perfect for the lioness? Seeking help from the best palmist in Kolkata, here is a list of all the signs and the compatibility they share with this fire element.

The Best Love Matches

Falling under the same element of fire, Leos share an ideal bond with Aries and Sagittarius. The association between these signs are harmonious and successful. But when a Leo has to choose between these two, they favour the archers. No one can make a Leo feel lust more than a Sagittarian who too finds the best playmate in the lions. Aries too share a good connection with the lions for they share an affinity for love passion, drama and adventure.

Not falling far behind, the two air signs namely Gemini and Librans too have a great affection for the fiery Leos. While we all know that fire and air are inexplicable and are depended on each other, these two signs can be great for each other’s pride.

The Least Compatible Signs

Not many can tolerate the pompous nature of a Leo. And falling in this category are the ones belonging to signs of Taurus and Scorpio. The bull and the scorpion have an ability to tick off the temper of the lions, while the inability of the lion to adjust to other’s opinions creates a vast difference between them. In fact, a Scorpio and a Leo are the worst pairs ever, for both are inflexible and controlling to an unimaginable limit. But the play of stars is a tricky business. So don’t just strike them off as undesirable for you never know when cupid hits with an arrow.

Opposite Attracts!

There was once an adorable person who said that opposites attract. Well, the jury is really out on this matter, but what can be concluded is that people with different qualities tend to attract each other more for their varying interests and definitely balance. Keeping this in mind, Leos are best suited with Aquarius. They are a sometimes a volatile match, but if they can settle their differences, they will be definitely golden.

The Wild Card!

Though not always termed as compatible, Leo and Capricorn can be a tricky pairing. If anything holds them together, it will be their burning sense of ambition and their desire to stay on top. They both will end up bickering with each other due to the variance in the pace of their lives, if they work out their differences together, nothing can stop them from climbing the ladder of success together.

So be it that you are dating someone or you are looking for love, the chances of finding it is almost uncertain. With the best astro palmist in Kolkata offering their best services to you, get a glimpse of your future and find and fall in love this year!


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