The Useful Tips To Bank On The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

You call it art or science, astrology has been a very crucial part of the lives of Indians, whether some believe it or not. Be it merely for predicting future and foretelling the good and bad times, the astrologers are also trained counsellors. They perform the art of balancing someone’s state of mind in all positive and negative thought. Today, the definition of astrology has changed, and besides palmistry, astrology also includes the science of Vashtu shashtra, Feng Shui, handwriting analysis, face reading numerology, gemology and a lot more exist. Each of them has their own speciality and importance, and hence you can choose astrologers according to your preferences and requirements.


Over the internet and on the television or turning the pages of the magazines will give you an array of options when it comes to choosing a suitable astrologer for yourself. Some might be fake and pretentious, some are expensive and difficult to be in contact. Hence, we have got you covered with some tips to find the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Know about their methodology

Make sure to understand their methodology well before dealing with them, as the processes they use might not be in tune with the requirements of yours. Thus, check on whether they use age old conventional methods to predict things or use computers logics and reasoning to understand your present and foretell your future.

Experienced or not?

It is always advisable and better to choose the astrologer based on the years of experience they have got. Anyone practicing for 5 years and above would be good for you, and more reliable and hence a lot more perfect to solve your problems. More the experience, better will be for you to expect best results.

Judge the clients

Do some background research and get an idea of their clientele as a good astrologer will have the most reputed clients. The ideas of their clientele will help you to understand their worth and credibility in the market too.

Do they sell something too?

There are some astrologers who also spell gems and other stones and some products that promise to bring you good luck. It is better to stay away from such customers who have turned this profession into a business and lure the customers to buy gems and earn money.

Know if they can help from anywhere, at any time

Make sure that the astrologer you have chosen also providers assistance and solutions over phone calls, video calling and emails so that you don’t have to seek for them in person always.

Thus, follow these tips to find a credible and reputed astrologer in Kolkata, without any hassle.


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