The Useful Tips To Bank On The Best Astrologer in Kolkata

You call it art or science, astrology has been a very crucial part of the lives of Indians, whether some believe it or not. Be it merely for predicting future and foretelling the good and bad times, the astrologers are also trained counsellors. They perform the art of balancing someone’s state of mind in all positive and negative thought. Today, the definition of astrology has changed, and besides palmistry, astrology also includes the science of Vashtu shashtra, Feng Shui, handwriting analysis, face reading numerology, gemology and a lot more exist. Each of them has their own speciality and importance, and hence you can choose astrologers according to your preferences and requirements.


Over the internet and on the television or turning the pages of the magazines will give you an array of options when it comes to choosing a suitable astrologer for yourself. Some might be fake and pretentious, some are expensive and difficult to be in contact. Hence, we have got you covered with some tips to find the best astrologer in Kolkata.

Know about their methodology

Make sure to understand their methodology well before dealing with them, as the processes they use might not be in tune with the requirements of yours. Thus, check on whether they use age old conventional methods to predict things or use computers logics and reasoning to understand your present and foretell your future.

Experienced or not?

It is always advisable and better to choose the astrologer based on the years of experience they have got. Anyone practicing for 5 years and above would be good for you, and more reliable and hence a lot more perfect to solve your problems. More the experience, better will be for you to expect best results.

Judge the clients

Do some background research and get an idea of their clientele as a good astrologer will have the most reputed clients. The ideas of their clientele will help you to understand their worth and credibility in the market too.

Do they sell something too?

There are some astrologers who also spell gems and other stones and some products that promise to bring you good luck. It is better to stay away from such customers who have turned this profession into a business and lure the customers to buy gems and earn money.

Know if they can help from anywhere, at any time

Make sure that the astrologer you have chosen also providers assistance and solutions over phone calls, video calling and emails so that you don’t have to seek for them in person always.

Thus, follow these tips to find a credible and reputed astrologer in Kolkata, without any hassle.


5 Simple (and effective) Ways to Fix all The Wrongs in Your Professional Life

Even when you think you’re doing all there needs to be done in your professional life, you’re failing to climb to the top of your office’s hierarchy. Months turned into years and you’re still stuck on the same spot where you once started from.


What more should I do now?

You’re not alone. There are so many people who can relate to your situation. While some really don’t deserve any promotion, there are many – just like you – who are done burning their midnight oil and are warranted to be at the top of their game. What this later group of people should really do?

If there’s any room to work harder, do it!!! If not, here are 5 simple and effective ways to fix all the wrongs in your professional life-

  1. Talk to your boss/employer– While you might think your boss is arrogant and care less about you, talking to her/him can really help you give get new perspective to where you are going. Communicate with her/him, tell about your expectations, what you think you deserve and know how you are perceived by others professionally and ask how you can improve. Don’t make this a confrontation, mind you.
  2. Change your job– If you’ve been stuck in the same place for very long without seeing any evident improvement and promotion, it’s time now to change your job. Accept it, there are companies where there’s very small room to get big. And you might be in one of these companies.
  3. Have realistic expectations– Sometimes, the biggest obstacle in your professional life are your unrealistic expectations. You might not like hearing it but chances are you might not be as good as you think you are. So know who you are, what your potentials are, are you exaggerating your talents and then only form your expectation.
  4. Change your career path– You’re into marketing, but painting really interests you; you’re a software engineer but writing fictions is your thing; you’re an architect but really love coding. If you’re into a wrong career path, no wonder you’re making very slow progress. So rethink over your decision and make changes accordingly. Remember, it’s never too late to choose a different career.
  5. Talk to a famous tantric astrologer in Kolkata– An astrologer can easily help you fix your professional life with the simple remedies. The right ones, with their accurate future analysis, counseling skills, intuitions, can give you new directions in your career. So head out and approach the best astro palmist in Kolkata.

These are 5 simple and effective ways that vouches to fix all the wrongs in your professional life. Good luck!!!

Did Cupid Hit You With His Bow? Four Elements Of Zodiacs And Their Compatibility

To begin with, there are four elements that are considered to be a part of astrology. Each element consists of three zodiacs, thus adding up to twelve. Each of the elements can be identified as: fire, earth, air and water. It is widely believed in astrology that the sign or element to which your zodiac belongs is the one which sums up your characteristics.

But when it comes to love, it is about compatibility. It is occasionally believed in astrology that two people with the same elements are well-suited with each other. It is apparently easier to connect and understand each other. The chemistry sparks of easily and then there is some obvious hitting off. Hence, sharing the same element or two elements that are similar in temperament with each other is what matters!Nobody can predict the future but there are certain signs which cannot be denied. With the help of famous astrologer in Kolkata, know about your love life. Read on about the different compatible signs and find out more. Maybe the love of your life is waiting somewhere for you!

The different elements and the zodiacs

So to make things easier for you to understand, here is a list of the four elements and the zodiacs that they comprise.

  • Fire signs are Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth signsare Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air signs include Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water signs comprise Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Same element love and relationship, love is everywhere

  •  Two Earth Signs
    This element indicates materialism. When people belonging to the earth sign get together and begin dating, the prospect of them being together is discussed and pondered upon. The biggest hurdle faced by these people is their attraction for materialistic idealism than a lack of faith and passion. People belonging to this element have proper goals set in their mind and they know exactly what they expect out of their partners. If the criterions match, they are form an amicable relationship. If the standards are not met, then the possibility of love blossoming is pretty difficult.
  • Two Fire Signs
    The fire signs are signifiedby their immense energy. When two people belonging to the fire sign get together, there are some obvious signs which they cannot deny. They understand that action speaks louder than words!They form an undeniably great partnership and when in agreement, they get things done faster and more efficiently. When hit by Cupid’s bow, they manifest into a relationship that is deep and based on mutual respect. Two fire signs together work in extremes, either they get it or they don’t at all.
  •  Two Air Signs
    The element of air signifies ideas. So when two people of this element start dating, communication forms the base of their relationship. They love exchanging ideas and discuss ways and methods of achieving stability in their life, read relationship. In fact their relationship is based on trust as pointed out earlier. They don’t really need to speak a thousand words to express their feelings. If they feel love and intimacy with their respective partners, they will express it in all ways imaginable.
  •  Two Water Signs
    The water element denotes emotions. Once they begin dating and a connection is formed, they work on an emotional level, depending on their gut feeling. They may not be able to articulate the intricacies of everything that happen around them, but mutual love and respect for each other is what makes them get along so well. Two water signs, as long as does not get their goals and motives questioned work well with each other, but they tend to just float without taking any productive steps in their relationship.


But it is not all about fate and destiny. There is a popular saying that goes “opposites attract”. Well, future is truly unpredictable, but you may find love even in the least expected place. Famous astrologer in India helps you with a glimpse of the future with their skills. contact them and find out more about your love and relationship.

Three Qualities You Will Find In The Best Astrologer In Kolkata

Are you on the hunt for a knowledgeable astrologer who can give you a clear idea about your future and can help you plan your life ahead? Consulting an astrologer before taking any important step in life is undoubtedly a wise decision. But in this era when everyone is busy fooling around, finding the right astrologer is difficult.


So, if you do not want to be tricked or fooled, read the tips below on how to recognize the right astrologer for you. Here are five qualities of the best astrologer in Kolkata.

1) Make Sure Your Astrologer Is Certified:

If you do not want to end up choosing a wrong astrologer, then make sure he/she has a certificate from a recognized institution. If he/she can’t produce a certificate of his course, then it is better to stay away from that person. Astrology is not just based on intuitions but proper knowledge of the planets and their positions. Hence, a certificate is a must.

2) Hear From Other People:

Yes, it helps a lot. Especially if the review comes from your close friends or relatives, it is more relevant and honest. So, take advice from your friends if you are about to select an astrologer to make your next big step more successful. Your loved ones will help you find the best astrologer in Kolkata.

3) He/She Should Have Complete Knowledge Of The Subject:

When it comes to choosing the right astrologers, we often go by name and fame. But before you select an astrologer, you must make sure that he/she have complete knowledge about the subject. Ask him if he has studied the three main branches of astrology such as Ganita, Samhita and Hora. He/she should also be proficient in mathematics and be able to provide acurate predictions. To add to that, also check if your astrologer is giving you certain remedies for your problems.

The best astrologer in Kolkata doesn’t only predict future, but he also helps to make the journey smoother.