The Effects Of Solar And Lunar Eclipse On Astrology Respectively

Solar and lunar eclipses are important phenomena which have quite an effect on the planets respectively. However, their impact can be witnessed on the astrological predictions as well.

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Eclipses are dramatic and when compared to our horoscope, they can cause massive changes in your life. Eclipses change and so do our lives when under their influence. But how does the two eclipses- solar and lunar- effect our lives? Keep reading to make some mystical discoveries.

Effects of solar eclipse

According to the phenomena of solar eclipse, the moon comes directly between the sun and earth, making a conjunction. The moon can fully or partially blocks the sun, casting a huge shadow on the ground. Though scientists consider this as a natural occurrence, astrologers and palmist in Kolkata believe this to be an extraordinary catalyst in our lives. While for some it can be extremely beneficial and can result in massive growth, for a few, this can cause upheaval. Solar eclipse is also believed to start something new and fresh. According to many old tantras and shastras, the blocking of sun can have negative impacts on pregnant women. They also state that one should avoid eating or cooking during the exact time of eclipse.

Effects of lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse is the phenomena when the Earth comes between the sun and the moon, creating a shadow on the moon, turning a luminous full moon into shades of red, grey and brown. Unlike solar eclipse, lunar eclipse is more emotional in nature. Carl Jung referred to it as “shadow self” where an individual may come face-to-face with his or her inner self. It too is a beginning, only it focuses on emotional growth by accepting the whole self and finding room to grow in new directions. Lunar eclipse is actually the magical moment of self-discovery as defined by famous palmist in Kolkata. So if you are having some serious contemplation, do remember to check the calendar for eclipse dates.

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Understanding the Significance of Colors in Palm Astrology

Palmistry is an art that has been popular since the ancient times. Much to surprise, colors have a lot of significance in palmistry and are considered to be an integral part of the same.

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Revealing the characteristics of an individual, the art of reading palms were practiced at large in India, Babylon and China during the ancient times. Though it was banned by the church during the Middle Ages for they believed it had association with black magic, palmistry made its way back in 1839 when Captain Casimir Stanislas D’Arpentigny published his book La Chirognomie. This introduced the world at large with the concept of reading palms and predicting the future.

The study of this mystic art is ideally reading the lines represented on the palms. It is the study of the different shapes, sizes and color that is represented on the palm. But much to our surprise, colors have much significant role in palmistry than anticipated. Each color is associated with a particular planet and thus the trait of the planet is reflected by the individual. By understanding the effect of each color, malicious consequences can be prevented as they are warned by renowned palmist in Kolkata. So to know more about the basic shades and their importance keep reading for they have been summarized as given below.

  • Red color is represented by impulsive and outgoing individual. The shade is also conducive of people who suffer from mental disorders and anxiety.
  • Orange is the shade of loyalty and good nature. It attracts the good elements of the universe and brings forth balance.
  • Blue is the color of a true friend who is extremely faithful and authentic. It also represents calmness and tranquility.
  • Yellow color is representative of clear and composed thoughts. It also signifies a strong imagination power.
  • Green shows the ability to become great and excellent in whatever field of choice. It shows brilliance and distinction.
  • Purple is the color of intelligence and shows the power of high thinking capacity.

Thus, find out the color that represents you and suits you. If it has any negative impact, consult famous palmist in Kolkata and learn how to make your future safe and secure. The services of the palmist in Kolkata are available at a cheap and affordable price. The sessions can be conducted either online or in person. Register accordingly and let your life be full of happiness.